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  1. New KYOCERA Electronic Connectors Offer World’s Highest Mating Tolerance, Withstand up to +125°C

    • Electronic Components & Devices

    Durable, reliable Board-to-Board connectors support new and emerging applications in automotive electronics

    5656 Series Board-to-Board connector Product name 5656 Series Board-to-Board connector Applications Automotive, industrial and consumer electronics Sales target 200,000 units in the first year since the launch Development Background Adv...

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  2. KYOCERA TCL Solar Completes 29.2MW Solar Power Plant on Repurposed Land in Japan

    • Solar Electric Systems

    Company’s largest solar power plant repurposes abandoned golf course to provide equivalent power for approximately 12,000 average households

    29.2 MW plant in Yonago City (left) and commemoration ceremony (right) 108,504 Kyocera solar modules will generate an estimated 36,080 megawatt hours (MWh) per year — enough electricity to power approximately 12,000 typical households*1. All elect...

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  3. KYOCERA’s New Industrial Cutting Tool with Ultra-Durable Coating Materials Maximizes Steel Cutting Performance

    • Industrial Tools

    New CA025P CVD coating technology and base material with excellent durability ensures long-term cutting performance for automotive and industrial machining

    Steel is often used in numerous industries including automotive and industrial machining. There is a growing demand for long-lasting inserts with excellent resistance against wear, fracturing and chipping capable of stable machining performance over ...

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  4. KYOCERA offers sustainable and premium-quality coffee enjoyment with the new Coffee Grinder EG-70CF

    • Kitchen Products

    Infinitely adjustable ceramic grinder, convenient battery operation, integrated collecting vessel - these are the technical highlights of KYOCERA’s new electric Coffee Grinder EG-70CF. For coffee-lovers, there’s something even more decisive: the KYOCERA coffee grinder allows you to enjoy premium-quality coffee that is also sustainable.

    The Multi Ceramic Grinder rewards coffee-connoisseurs with an intensive and aromatic coffee experience using freshly ground beans. Fans of espresso-based hot drinks or of filter coffees, which are currently enjoying a renaissance, can extract t...

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  5. KYOCERA Enters into License Agreement with Bosch

    • LCDs and Touch Solutions

    Bosch to incorporate KYOCERA’s haptic feedback technology in automotive applications

    Kyocera has been creating haptic technologies through its own research and development since 2008. Utilizing ergonomics and virtual reality technology that Kyocera has developed over the years as well as its proprietary haptic feedback technology, Ky...

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  6. KYOCERA exhibited Fine Ceramic Components at Germany’s Hannover Messe

    • Fine Ceramic Components

    The company showcased industrial fine ceramic innovations for a wide range of applications including electronics, automotive systems, and machinery

    Fine Ceramic Components As a world leader in fine ceramics, Kyocera displayed advanced materials and components in eight industrial categories: life sciences, vacuum components, semiconductors, electronics, sapphire, information technology, mach...

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