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  1. High tech meets the perfect steak: KYOCERA presents steak knives with sharp and long-lasting ceramic blades

    • Kitchen Products

    Incomparably sharp, uniquely light, rust-proof and easy to clean: the new KYOCERA steak knives with blades made from Zirconia ceramic are an outstanding alternative for all steak-lovers compared to conventional knives with metal blades.

    That’s why Kyocera is now making its high-level of expertise in fine ceramic tools available to steak-lovers, too: the new steak knives from the Japanese technology group meet the highest standards and provide major advantages at the table. When...

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  2. KYOCERA designs and manufactures new ultra-small robust ceramic UHF RFID Tag to trace surgical instruments for the Medical Market

    • Semiconductor Components

    Kyocera’s ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID transponders are applicable on metal and - due to their ceramic packages - suitable for sterilization processes of surgical instruments in hospitals involving high temperatures, humidity and chemical exposure.

    About Kyocera’s robust ceramic UHF RFID Tag The new product offers a robust package made of Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) with embedded antenna that withstands high temperatures up to 300°C (depending on RFID tag structure) and hum...

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  3. KYOCERA to Participate in Japan’s Virtual Power Plant Project to Improve Energy Management

    • Corporate

    New program tests remote management of changing consumer energy demands, aims to find best use of surplus electricity before end of Feed-In-Tariff in 2019

    Background and Purpose Since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, the country has been dedicated to developing a stable supply of renewable energy and promoting energy efficiency. Consequently, a VPP capable of remotely controlling and inte...

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  4. Announcement of the 2018 Kyoto Prize Laureates

    • Corporate

    Neuroscientist, Mathematician, Artist

    Each laureate will receive a diploma, the Kyoto Prize medal (20K gold), and prize money of 100 million yen (approx. 770.000 €). This year’s Prize goes to the following three individuals: Dr. Karl Deisseroth, a US neuroscientist and Professor and Howa...

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    • Printers / Multifunctionals

    Since the foundation of the company, and based on the corporate motto ‘Respect the Divine and love people’, the entire KYOCERA Corporation group has been committed to environmental management and aims for sustainable corporate development – whil...

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