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Power - AMB Substrates

Benefit from our experience and know how

Kyocera is one of the leading manufacturers of SiN AMB substrates for a wide range of applications. With our longterm experience and market know how we can offer you the best support - from your first idea until the market launch.

High reliability AMB (ActiveMetalBonding) process

  • Ti compound - alloy (Ag-Cu)
  • Brazing Process at 850°C in vacuum
    → High adhesion strength Cu to ceramics


  • High reliabilty due to AMB technology
  • Various plating options (Ni, NiAu, NiPdAu, direct Ag)
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Multilayer structure feasible
  • Various connector possibilities

Reference markets

  • Automotive - TS16949 qualified
  • Space - ESA qualified
  • Avionics
  • Industrial
SiN AMB multilayer package
Thick copper: Thickness 4 mm
Connection: Lead type
Connection: Pin type