10 May 2004

At this year's Semicon Europe Show - the 27th Annual International Conference and Exposition in Europe for Semiconductor Equipment, Materials and Services in Europe, Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH presented their product variety based on technical ceramics.

Electrostatic Device
As one of the global market leader in semiconductor processing equipment parts, Kyocera offered a variety of technical ceramics solutions.In order to meet several market needs such as High through put processing, Free contamination, Effective processing, and Components durability, which are essential from current IC technology mode till next generation technology mode process, Kyocera's technical ceramics solution will offer Low thermal expansion material, High purity material, High plasma resistance material, Low dielectric

constant loss material, and High dielectric material. From High precision parts till Large components and Functional Parts, Kyocera Technologies will meet the design policy and innovative developments of customers, taking advantage of existing technological global in-house synergies.