Metal Lid with Glass Window

01 September 2004

KYOCERA developed a new metal lid with a glass window for fibre optic receiver and optical MEMS devices.

Metal Lid with Glass Window
Metal Lid with Glass Window
This metal lid is suitable for hermetic sealing such as seam welding. Kyocera is already a leading supplier of glass lids for CCD/CMOS image sensors, particularly focused toward the cellular phone, broadcasting, satellite and medical fields. These are available with anti-reflective (AR) coating and infrared (IR) cut coating to meet specific optical requirements. Low temperature epoxy pre-coating is optional for lid sealing.
Kyocera's glass lid product lines will be exhibited at:
ECOC exhibition (6th - 8th September 2004, Stockholm International Fairs, Sweden) and
Electronica exhibition (9th -12th November 2004, New Munich Trade Fair
Centre, Germany).