Package design database is reducing MEMS R&D cost

Kyocera is cooperating with US company Coventor

07 July 2004

Kyocera Corporation, the leading Japanese manufacturer of ceramic packages for ICs (Integrated Circuits) and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) is cooperating with the US company Coventor, the leading company for MEMS design and analysis software.

The software, called CoventorWare (TM), contains Kyocera's standard ceramic package material and design data. The standard package library includes SMD (Surface Mount Devices), S/B (Side Braze), C-DIP (Cerdip) and LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier) MEMS packages for thermo-mechanical and electrical simulations. This enables MEMS device designers to simulate the behavior of their device within the package during the development phase.
Consequently the cost of MEMS-package development, which could be up to 45% of the total development cost, can be reduced significantly. This new MEMS-package database allows designers to achieve a more robust MEMS system solution, and offers the shortest possible time from the design to market.
It is unique and valuable relationship when a software and hardware company collaborate in this way to offer the design tools required for the development of MEMS devices and thereby accelerate their growth into the market place.