RF Absorber Lid

01 September 2004

KYOCERA announced its new RF Absorber Lid as a solution for the resonance-free packaging of fiber optic, microwave and millimeter-wave devices.

RF Absorber Lid
RF Absorber Lid
Kyocera new RF absorbers have high heat resistance and little or no outgassing, by utilizing its own ceramic, resin and glass technologies.
Lids made of the RF absorber and pre-coated with a seal epoxy are available
as well as metal lids with the RF absorber pre-attached, so that customers can employ sealing methods such as seam welding, gold-tin sealing or epoxy-resin sealing according to their requirements. Kyocera's RF absorber lid product lines will be exhibited at the following exhibitions:
- ECOC (6th - 8th September 2004, Stockholm, Sweden)
- European Microwave Week (12th -14th October 2004, Amsterdam, The
- Electronica (9th -12th November 2004, Munich, Germany)