Higher efficiency – Kyocera makes stainless steel machining easier with three new cutting materials.

Innovative machining tools from Kyocera

13 December 2006

Key factors in the mechanical machining of stainless steel are long life and high wear-resistance of the tools. Since November 2006, the Japanese Kyocera Corporation has been supplying two new products in the CA65 Series and one PR1125 that meet these requirements. Thanks to a special, hard coating the efficiency of machining is increased to a level three times higher than that of conventional cutting tools.

CA65-series: CA6515 and CA6525

Innovative machining tools from Kyocera
The CA6525 is a universal cutting tool, used for a wide range of applications, whereas the focus of theCA6515 is on high-speed cutting with maximum service life. Both tool types are produced with a particularly hard CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) coating.


For complex interrupted cutting Kyocera has launched the PVD-coated (Physical Vapour Deposition) PR1125, which enhances productivity to an extremely high level.

Chipbreaker with new design

Chips generated during machining impair the processes to a considerable extent. In order to gain better control of this, Kyocera has equipped the CA6515, CA6525 and PR1125 tools with MS and MU chipbreaker geometries. The MS chipbreaker geometry has been developed for medium-to-rough machining and provides a sharp, strong edge and increased chip control. The MU chipbreaker inserts focuses more on a sharp edge than the MS version and contributes to reducing cutting resistance and restraining burrs after cutting.

All cutting tools, the CA6515 and CA6525 as well as the PR1125, are now on sale.