With the CA55 Series Kyocera offers special coated/multifunctional cutting tools for the metal working industry

CVD coated indexable inserts for steel machining

02 March 2007

Kyocera's complete CA55 series lineup fulfills user demand for inserts that cover a wide range of applications with longer tool life and consistent machining of steels. This universal character makes it suitable for machining cast iron, non-ferrous metal or steel. High speed cutting as well as heavy or light interruptions are now possible and effectuate reduced cutting forces.

Kyocera developed the CA55 series to meet the user demand for increased reliability in steel machining that is becoming increasingly complex and advanced, and to help reduce overall costs. Extremely high wear resistance and durability are the impressive features of the new inserts. “The result is a very lightweight, extraordinarily wear-resistant yet tough material”, states Senri Nagashima, European Product Line Manager of the Kyocera Cutting Tools business unit. Higher cutting speeds and feed rates can also be achieved with a considerably longer service life of the material.

The CA55 series consists of four high-tech cutting tools that increase efficiency dramatically: CA5505 is designed for high-speed cutting of steel materials and achieves a cutting speed of over 300 m/min, while CA5535 is developed for heavy interrupted machining and features an alloy steel edge1 that doubles the tool life of conventional cutting tools in interrupted cutting. Thus these two types meet the demand for heavy-duty material. Alongside the two other tools meet all-purpose demands in industrial cutting. While CA5515 is ideal for light and interrupted machining, the CA5525 tool is particularly suitable for interrupted machining. A special CVD coating2 with a very fine columnar structure is applied to the ultra-hard alloy base material, resulting in dramatically improved efficiency compared to that of conventional products.

Features of the CA55 Series

  1. Kyocera's new technology provides an extremely flat and smooth surface finish that reduces resistance during cutting and improves chip- and wear-resistance.
  2. The ultra fine TiCN coating has titanium carbonitride as its main ingredient and has a higher aspect ratio and a much finer and more elaborate columnar structure than conventional coatings. This durable coating is strong enough to prevent cracks from forming and progressing, and exhibits the strong wear-resistance and chip-resistance required in steel cutting processes.
  3. The newly designed PT chipbreaker (comes with CA5505 and CA5535) features strength in the cutting edge and prevents micro chipping to provide consistent cutting. The land support structure enables a firm insert seat, thereby preventing micro chipping caused by the insert's micro vibrations. The chipbreaker ensures highly efficient and consistent machining.

1 An all-purpose steel product generally used in a wide range of machine parts that contains chrome and molybdenum, such as SCM420.
2 Chemical Vapor Deposition, a method whereby heat energy causes a chemical reaction to form a hard coating on the surface of the base material.