KYOCERA Releases New Small Negative Tools for Automatic Lathe

Kyocera Cutting Tools

12 April 2008

Kyoto/ Neuss − The Japanese high tech company Kyocera, one of the leading suppliers of cutting tools for metal working, has introduced new Small Negative Tools for automatic lathe: PR 1025, suitable for precision processing of carbon and alloy steels, and PR 1005 for free cutting steels. Due to new material both products realize an extended life span to nearly twice that of conventional products.

The most remarkable advantage of the new products is their double sided design which renders both edges applicable. Compared to the positive type, the double-sided negative tools are more economical and even more stable. The new products have achieved good chip control as well due to the originally designed GK chipbreaker for finishing to medium machining.  Another great advantage is that thespecial designed tool holder has no interference with sub spindle likelypositivetypedue to smallersizealthoughnegativetype.

The tools realize stable and high quality machining with PR1005 for free cutting steel material and PR1025 for general steel machining, adapting a special PVD coat featuring anti-oxidation performance and wear resistance, as well as a tougher carbide substrate that improves the constituent materials.

The negative insert and original chipbreaker enable high cost efficiency and stability while their cutting force is even equal to the conventional positive inserts.