Kyocera launches new drilling tool “DRX Magic Drill”

28 July 2009

Neuss – The Japanese high tech company Kyocera launches its new indexable drilling tool “DRX Magic Drill”, developed for hole making application in metal working industry.

Kyocera's new DRX Magic Drill is developed for smoother chip evacuation and this new drill enables higher productivity by reducing machining time. The toolholder features a new design with double twisted coolant holes which allows cooling of the frictional heat, as well as effective evacuation of chips. Compared to the conventional model, the new DRX offers a 60 percent larger inner flute, significantly improving the chip evacuation. Concurrent with the development of the DRX toolholder, three new chipbreakers and three new PVD coated carbide grades are also being launched for the stable and efficient machining of various materials, including sticky materials such as stainless steel and low carbon steel.

1. Toolholder Features

With the adoption of double twisted coolant holes, the space of the inner flute has been increased by 60 percent compared to the conventional model. This design significantly improves chip evacuation performance by providing additional clearance for chips to flow smoothly up and out of the drilled hole. To reduce vibration caused due to larger flute, a special alloy is adopted for all drill bodies. The use of this special alloy will also enhance rigidity and improve reliability.

2. Insert Features (Chipbreaker and Design)

With adoption of a wider chipbreaker on the outer edge, small chips are produced even with sticky materials. The inner edge with a flat chipbreaker forms ideally controlled continuos chips. The GM breaker for steel and cast iron, the GH breaker with tough edge for hardened materials and interruption and the SM breaker for stainless steel and low carbon steel – these three chipbreakers ensure successful hole making. The inserts are designed with four cutting edges, two for inner and other two for outer from same one insert, allowing for further cost reduction.

3. Insert Features (Grade)

Wear resistance and oxidation resistance are enhanced by the adaption of Kyocera’s unique MEGACOAT PVD coating technology on carbide substrate. Available three grades - PR1230 for steel, PR1225 for stainless steel and PR1210 for cast iron machining.