02 September 2013

Kyoto/Neuss – At this year’s EMO, the leading trade fair for metalworking in Hannover (Germany), Kyocera presents its latest innovative products in the field of cutting tools: the MRW milling cutter with round insert and the new CVD coated carbide grade CA5 series. The MRW cutter adopts a double-sided round insert with the new grades CA6535 and PR1535 which enable extremely high-efficiency machining. The CA5 series delivers excellent abrasion resistance and fracture resistance — 1.5-times higher than conventional grades.

EMO Hannover is a globally leading fair for metal processing and features around 2,000 exhibitors which bring a comprehensive, state-of-the-art offering in the field of metal processing technology, including everything from machine tools, precision tools and automation components, to complete systems in customer orientated alignments. A selection of special events, seminars and congresses will supply the visitor with additional industry knowledge. The Kyocera booth can be found in Hall 5, Stand A60.

MRW – Milling cutter with round insert

Kyocera’s new MRW milling cutter with round insert responds to the challenges which milling cutters for difficult-to-cut materials face today, with excellent machining and economy by utilizing a multi cutting edge design.

The MRW is Kyocera’s first milling cutter with double-sided, 8-edge round inserts. From an economical point of view, the double-sided insert is a superior approach, however it often causes high cutting force because a negative type insert normally provides less axial rake angle.

To cope with this challenge, Kyocera developed a new cutting edge design with a double-side insert by using a unique pressing tool technology which achieves both high productivity due to reduced cutting force with a sharp but tough cutting edge and high cost efficiency with eight cutting edges.

For the MRW, two new insert grades CA6535 and PR1535 have been developed which show excellent performance in the prevention of sudden fractures and enable more stable machining in difficult-to-cut materials such as heat-resistant super alloys and titanium alloys.

 CA5 series – CVD coated carbide grade for steel turning

The second solution from Kyocera to be newly shown at the EMO is the CA5 series of insert grades for steel turning. The grades CA510, CA515, CA525 and CA530 achieve better abrasion resistance and fracture resistance than conventional grades; and they feature a brand new CVD coating on each original carbide substrate. Kyocera’s comprehensive know-how in coating technology allows the realization of a 1.4-times higher adhesion to the carbide substrates compared to previous grades. As a result, the new CA5 series can provide long tool life as well as chipping resistance.

This series covers varied machining process of steel from high speed continuous cutting to heavy interrupted cutting with its wide and complete range between P10 and P30.

“With both of our new products, the new MRW milling cutter and the new CVD coated carbide CA5 series, our experience and expertise in the metalworking industry enables us to further enhance customer’s productivity and reduce both machining and tool costs. These factors are important preconditions for the intelligent production that our clients demand in this day and age,” comments Joachim Neumann, Engineering Manager Kyocera Unimerco Tooling GmbH.

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