Series production launched: New transmissive 5.7-inch LCD screens with outstanding brightness values

Kyocera LCD range

11 September 2007

Kyoto/Neuss – The Japanese technology corporation Kyocera has gone into series production with two new 5.7-inch LCDs with transmissive display in VGA and QVGA resolution. Because of their outstanding brightness values, the displays can be easily read in direct sunlight and are therefore ideally suited to outdoor use.

Kyocera is bringing two new industrial 5.7-inch LCDs with different resolutions onto the market: the TCG057QV1AC-G50 with QVGA resolution and the TCG057VG1AC-G50 with VGA resolution. The transmissive displays can be read in all difficult lighting conditions, such as direct sunlight, and are therefore ideal for use in outdoor applications.

Top figures in brightness

The QVGA display produces up to 1000 candela (cd/m2), and the VGA display up to 800 cd/m2. Contrast ratios are 450:1 (QVGA) and 400:1 (VGA).

Benefits in industrial use

To meet the demands of various industrial applications, Kyocera is offering these new series products as an extension to the existing TFT, CSTN and monochrome versions. Kyocera is thus expanding its modular display system and will be meeting the demands of a wide range of users and industries.

Both displays (TCG057QV1AC-G50 and TCG057VG1AC-G50) will have long-term supply, be mechanically compatible with the existing Kyocera 5.7-inch V-series and is also available with a touch panel if required. Due to the long-life cfl illumination, the anticipated lifetime is approx. 75,000 operating hours.