LCD: New Glass – Glass Touch Panel

Technology Goes into Series Production

02 December 2008

Kyoto/Neuss – The Japanese technology corporation Kyocera is initiating series production of a touch sensitive glass/glass touch panel for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in order to strengthen its market position in the area of touch sensitive control elements and LCDs as well. Compared to film/glass systems, glass/glass technologies provide longer service life and superior image quality.

The new Kyocera touch panel features a unique glass/glass structure that is hermetically sealed. These characteristics provide superior visibility and have a longer operating life than conventional film/glass LCD touch panels. Glass is the substrate on both the main body side and the operating, or “touch”, side. The new touch panel will be available immediately in 5.7" and 6.2" formats. Other sizes will follow.
Use of a highly transparent glass substrate reduces diffraction of incoming light and ensures a clear, distortion-free display visibility. One of the most advantageous features of the display becomes apparent during outdoor use. In order to reduce the inner reflection between the touch panel substrates and the LCD, Kyocera has placed the polarizer surface coating on the glass substrate of the operating surface rather than following the usual practice of placing it on the LCD directly. Due to the use of glass, the durability of the touch panel is also clearly higher than screens that consist of film/glass components. Protection from condensation in areas of high humidity is also guaranteed (storage temperature range: -40°C to 95°C/operating temperature range: -30°C to 85°C).
The touch panel can also be customised to meet individual needs. As a result, the user can order main body sides in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.8 mm. The glass screen on the operating side, however, always has a thickness of 0.2 mm.
In future, the glass/glass touch screens will be available in formats ranging from 3.5" to 10.4", making it possible to use Kyocera displays with diverse systems.
Kyocera markets its LCDs primarily for industrial applications, including factory automation, measurement instruments and medical devices. Kyocera also ensures its customers a stable supply of these products for longer time periods.

Sustainable Production

Sustainable environmental protection is a definitive goal at Kyocera. The company is actively engaged in the development of environmentally-friendly products and working to reduce the use of environmentally degrading materials and processes in industry. Kyocera complies with the EU's RoHS Directive and offers a wide range of reduced-mercury LED's and lead-free circuit boards.