V Series Kyocera STN Color LCD modules

Significant contribution to downsizing equipment

18 November 2003

The V Series (Kyocera STN Color LCD modules) features symmetrical viewing area within a reduced outline, and single power source for LCD driving, has been launched in Europe !

The new series places the viewing area symmetrically within a narrower frame, which reduces the frame area by approximately 15% (compared to current Kyocera products). This represents a significant contribution to downsizing equipment. Also, while existing models require two input power sources, a logic power source and an LCD driving power source, the V Series requires only a single logic power source, simplifying equipment design for the user. Moreover, each model has an array of features demanded of a display for diverse industrial applications. Their superior picture quality, viewing angle range, and 25% increase in backlight life make them the perfect choice. Three types of screen sizes are available, diagonal 12 cm (4.7" model), 14 cm (5.7" model) and 16 cm (6.2" model).