KYOCERA to sponsor touring car race

Japanese automotive components supplier Kyocera is sending branded Honda Civics to the TCR Germany racing event as a co-sponsor

05 April 2016

Kyoto / Neuss – The Japanese technology group Kyocera is acting as a sponsor at the TCR Germany racing event for the first time in 2016. This upcoming season, the Kyocera logo will emblazon two Honda Civics at the ADAC TCR Germany Touring Car Championship (TCR Germany for short). Kyocera is an automotive components supplier with over 30 years of expertise that has provided numerous passenger cars with instrument cluster displays, on-board monitors, head-up displays and telematic and electronic automotive devices.

“For us, sponsoring these vehicles marks the beginning of our increased involvement with motorsports. At the same time, this serves to emphasise the importance of the long-standing partnerships we have within the automotive industry, which we will continue to develop in the future,” says Manfred Sauer, Managing Director at Kyocera Display Europe GmbH.

TCR Germany: A new chapter in touring car racing

TCR Germany is being held for the first time this year and will close the gap between formula racing and rallying in the future. The approximately 330-horsepower vehicles will be driven at seven weekend racing events in 2016, held in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Kyocera in the automotive industry

Kyocera takes advantage of ceramic’s properties – resistance to abrasion and heat – when manufacturing automotive components. The company offers various functional parts based on a wide range of proprietary technologies, such as high frequency, liquid crystal, optics and ceramic materials. These parts include IC packaging, camera lenses, antennae, displays and connectors; which are used for various electronic applications in the motor vehicle sector.
“We are looking forward to our involvement in one of the most diverse racing series. This cooperation provides us with an excellent opportunity to showcase our services and expertise in the automotive industry,” adds Manfred Sauer.

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