Clear visibility in any type of light

03 September 2013

Kyoto / Neuss – At this year’s IAA, the X range and 5 Series models being presented by BMW will feature completely new interior dashboard displays. These were developed by Kyocera Display, one of the leading companies in the development and production of LCDs and touchscreens. The displays impress with a surface brightness of up to 1,000 candela (cd). That means that even bright sunlight isn’t able to detract from the screens’ readability. At nighttime, they are automatically dimmed to a pleasant level with the use of a sensor to avoid any glare. And the screens are not just suitable for automotive use, they can also improve functionality and user friendliness in other applications as well.

The sun is the natural adversary of any display – or at least that used to be the case. Smartphone and laptop users and car drivers alike are all aware of the problem: glare, reflecting light and reflections can be a real nuisance as strong sunlight impedes the brightness and legibility of displays.

Everything under control – with no glare in sight

While these issues are simply annoying when it comes to mobile communication and consumer electronics, they can pose a safety risk in the car. If important information about the car is not available because it isn’t legible or reflections are impairing the view, then the risk of an accident increases.

Kyocera’s new displays, which will be on exhibition at the 2013 IAA in BMW’s 5 Series and X range, offer a real, comprehensive solution. They combine highly effective LED backlighting with optimized wide-viewing-angle displays. With negligible heat losses, they create a light intensity of up to 1,000 cd on the surface. That is bright enough to ensure that sunlight or even the reflection from a driver’s white shirt is not able to diminish the readability of the dashboard display instruments. When it gets dark, the light intensity is dimmed to a pre-set minimum to keep the driver’s vision from being impaired by bright glare. Even when the backlight is dimmed, the displays still achieve a high level of contrast. Furthermore, the display’s light is directed solely at the driver – it doesn’t reflect on the windshield.

Smart solutions that help save lives

The new display modules also have a number of other possible applications beside cars. They can be used in an industrial setting and are also ideally suited for devices in the medical sector. They allow paramedics, for example, to be able to see information on the display of medical equipment in any conditions in an emergency, allowing them to obtain the vital information they need and to take necessary medical steps.

“Our displays mark an important step in the union of two contradictory things: the artificial light of displays and the power of the sun. We have quashed that contradiction. For drivers, a clearer view is provided, equaling a boost in control and safety. In other areas, ease of utilization and general usability are dramatically increased,” says Manfred Sauer, Head of Sales & Marketing Kyocera Display Europe GmbH.

For more information about Kyocera:www.kyocera.eu

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