19 December 2013

Kyoto / Neuss – Kyocera has received a prestigious prize from Volvo Cars. In the Special Award category, Kyocera Display won the Volvo Cars Award of Excellence 2013 for flexibility and reliability in product supply. The official awards ceremony took place at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg, Sweden on December 18.

Kyocera won the award for its supply of the user-programmable instrument displays that are built into cars such as the latest Volvo Car models S60 and S80. The high-resolution displays are so quick to respond that their pointers are capable of providing information in real-time with almost no lag.

What impressed Volvo most of all was the fact that Kyocera was able to respond flexibly and extremely fast to the unexpectedly high demand for their models which utilize the Kyocera displays.

Supported by the market success, Volvo decided to change the 50/50 split between the top and the standard instrumentation version for an 80/20 distribution in favor of Kyocera Display.

“We are thrilled about the award,” said Manfred Sauer, Head of Sales & Marketing, Kyocera Display Europe GmbH, in regards to the prize. “It shows that Kyocera is capable of responding with great flexibility to changes in unit volume and of meeting clients’ requests with one hundred percent satisfaction.”
Each year, Volvo Cars invites its partners from the supplier industry to participate in the Volvo Cars Award of Excellence and the Volvo Quality Excellence Award. Kyocera succeeded in winning the jury over by reliably delivering higher quantities on time.

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