Kyocera to sponsor Borussia Mönchengladbach

22 November 2004

Kyocera will soon become the new main sponsor of the Borussia Mönchengladbach football team and the name displayed on its jerseys. The partnership between the Japanese technology group and the tradition-rich Mönchengladbach football club will be launched on 1 January 2005 and is scheduled to continue until 30 June 2007, with an option to extend to 2009.

Rolf Königs, president of Borussia Mönchengladbach, commented at the announcement of the new sponsorship: “We are delighted to have gained a strong new partner in Kyocera, one who will be accompanying us through the coming years. With Borussia and Kyocera, two determined partners are now joining forces to work together toward their ambitious goals, remarked Reinhold Schlierkamp, Managing Director of Kyocera Mita Germany, at the presentation of the new partnership.
Out of all the possible teams in the national football league, Kyocera deliberately opted for Borussia. Borussia has long been making football history and enjoys one of the most loyal fan communities in all of Germany. At the same time, the team is not content to rest on its legendary laurels, but is now laying the groundwork for continued success in future, with a new stadium, a strong squad and a new trainer. As a business, we can easily identify with these high aspirations.

One of the reasons behind Kyocera’s decision to sponsor football is the sport’s worldwide popularity. A recent study demonstrated conclusively that Kyocera’s target group has an above-average interest in the sport. The aim of sponsorship is to enhance brand awareness in Germany and throughout Europe. According to Schlierkamp: Since Kyocera has been active in Europe and in Germany for only a few years now, we see tremendous potential here for further growth. With millions of spectators following national league games week after week, Schlierkamp regards the partnership with Borussia as an effective multiplier, particularly in view of the upcoming World Cup in 2006.

Furthermore, Borussia is one of the most popular clubs in the league. According to a study of European football, more than 42 million Germans know the team, and more than 16.3 million root for the Eleven Foals, as they are popularly called.

Integrated communication and marketing concept

Kyocera’s sponsorship of Borussia will be embedded in an integrated communication concept. The company logo displayed on the players’ jerseys and stadium perimeter will be backed by TV and radio commercials. In addition, Kyocera business partners, dealers and resellers will be involved in advertising campaigns within and surrounding the stadium. A series of customer loyalty measures for end-users is also planned.

Kyocera has a long tradition of commitment to supporting football. In Japan, the company has sponsored the Kyoto Purple Sanga professional football team for about ten years. The club is a two-time winner of the Tenno Cup, which is Japan’s association cup, among other honours. The decision in favour of a partnership with Borussia in Germany was thus not a mere cost-benefit calculation, a way to rapidly attract attention to the company. Schlierkamp notes: “We would like to work together with Borussia Mönchengladbach over the long term, and also to actively involve the club’s fans”.

Jever makes way for new jersey sponsor

Kyocera will replace Jever as the name on Borussia’s jerseys. The “Brau und Brunnen” beverage corporation stepped back to make way for the new main sponsor at Borussia’s request. Brau und Brunnen will be restructuring their support of Borussia Mönchengladbach and will remain closely associated with the club as co-sponsor and stadium partner. Fans at BORUSSIA PARK will continue to be supplied with beverages from Brau und Brunnen under the brand names Jever and Schlösser.