Miss Sugimori from the Japanese Kyocera Corporation will participate in the Olympics

Athlet from the Japanese Kyocera Corporation

10 August 2004

1,56 metres small and fast as the wind - this is Miho Sugimori, who will start in the women‘s 800 m at the Olympic Games in Athens.

Miss Sugimori is the third athlet from the Japanese Kyocera Corporation with affiliates all over the world who will participate in the Olympics. Sugimori has been working for the Technology Company‘s Headquarter in Kyoto since 2001 and is a member of the Kyocera track and field club. Colleagues, bosses and her trainer are particularly proud of the 26-year old, since Japanese athlets are said to be behind worldclass runners. Despite a last year‘s operation of her back Miss Sugimori trained hard to not only break the Japanese record of the 800 m, but also breaking 2 minutes. Her personal record time is presently 2:00:46 minutes. „The Olympic Games have always been my dream and I am happy that I will participate“, says the dainty Olympic athlet. „I am grateful for my company‘s support and I am hoping to come up to the high expectations of my colleagues and my trainer. I hope I can inspire the Japanese people at the Olympics“.