Employee donations for Japan

Aid for disaster victims

17 May 2011

After the devastating earthquake in Japan, € 42,000 has been collected for the victims of the disaster in the branches of Kyocera Fineceramics in Germany, England, France and the Czech Republic. In this way the employees are joining the local branches in supporting the active emergency aid by the Red Cross.

Following the severe earthquake in Japan, which triggered a powerful tsunami, the employees of Kyocera have decided to give donations for the victims. Collection points have been set up in the offices so that all employees can contribute anonymously and according to their means. As a result, a total of 42,000 euros has been collected by the employees and rounded up by the branch managements in Germany, England, France and the Czech Republic. The money is being transferred to the local representation of the Red Cross in each case in order to support the emergency aid by the Japanese Red Cross.

From the very beginning, the Japanese Red Cross has been taking care of people in the emergency shelters that have been set up in schools, sports halls and other public buildings. In addition to blankets, food and water, survivors are also receiving psychosocial support and assistance in their search for relatives.

Although the Kyocera branches and all Kyocera employees in Japan have largely been unharmed by the effects of the earthquake, the Kyocera Corporation decided to donate money to immediate aid and for reconstruction measures directed towards the tsunami and earthquake victims.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation can find information at: 

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