KYOCERA Group Consolidates Optical Components Business

Company builds new synergies to meet growing demand for machine vision and robot vision in factory automation and related applications

02 November 2016

Kyoto/Neuss – Kyocera Corporation announced today that it has consolidated its optical components businesses, effective November 1, 2016, by combining two wholly owned subsidiaries: Kyocera Optec Co., Ltd. and recently acquired Melles Griot KK.

Kyocera Optec, based in Tokyo with operations dating back to 1949, specializes in optical design, measurement and manufacturing of aspherical and infrared lenses for diverse factory automation applications — as well as lenses for cameras, copiers, printers, microscopes, projection equipment and automotive driver-assist technologies.

Melles Griot KK was a Japan-based manufacturer originally part of the larger Melles Griot network, and until recently, a subsidiary of U.S.-based IDEX Corporation. In September 2016, a share transfer agreement was concluded, making Melles Griot KK a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera Corporation.

The combined enterprise started operation as Kyocera Optec Co., Ltd. as of November 1, 2016.

Kyocera Optec Overview (after consolidation)

Company nameKyocera Optec Co., Ltd.
Headquarters3-1778 Osoki, Ome City, Tokyo 198-0003 Japan
RepresentativesChairman: Tetsuo Kuba
President: Fuminori Yamagiwa
CapitalJPY240 million (USD2.29 million*) 
Date of ConsolidationNovember 1, 2016

Main Objectives

In addition to the automotive and medical markets, demand for optical components is expected to grow in the factory automation market, fueled by efforts to streamline and automate production processes worldwide — with fast-growing applications in machine vision, robot vision and other image-recognition systems for positioning and inspection processes. 
This consolidation aims to yield synergies in the development and manufacturing technologies cultivated over the years by Kyocera Optec and Melles Griot KK, while enhancing the business’ sales and marketing networks worldwide.

* Conversion based on the rate of USD1=JPY105 (as of October 31, 2016).
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