KYOCERA`S Synthetic Opal used for CASIO G-Shock Watches

Decorative material application expanded to popular wristwatch

25 August 2010

Kyoto/Neuss, 25 August 2010 — Kyocera Corporation announced that use of company’s uniquely developed synthetic opal material — called “Kyoto Opal” in the Japanese market — has further been expanded to the new design of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.’s GLS-5600KL G-Shock brand watches which are slated for global sales. This is the first time that the company’s Kyoto Opal has been used for a wristwatch application.

The new GLS-5600KL, which is based on the popular square faced G-Shock 5600 series, uses a glossy resin material to create an energetic feel for its target market of fashion conscious males in their teens and twenties. Kyocera’s Kyoto Opal material is used in the design around the number display.
The Kyoto Opal decorative material has been developed in 12 color variations, with “play-of-color” effect and sparkling characteristics. It was chosen for use in the concept of the new GLS-5600KL, aiming for a unique and fresh expression to match the tastes of its target users.

Kyoto Opal Watch Parts
The Kyoto Opal material has been thinly sliced and cut into 2.3H X 2.6W (cm) size parts for use on the watch.
Naturally occurring opal possesses inherently brittle characteristics which make it difficult to shape, however, Kyoto Opal material includes a resin allowing it to be cut into diverse shapes which were previously hard to achieve.
Named after traditional Japanese hues, the black G-Shock model uses the “Karakurenai” Kyoto Opal, and the purple and white models are decorated with the “Gofun.” Depending on the surrounding colors, the same thinly-sliced Kyoto Opal material can give off varying shades.
The new G-Shock models were unveiled for the first time on August 2 in New York, at Casio’s “Shock the World 2010” event. Sales of the watch are planned to begin in Japan from late-August then subsequently in North America, Europe and other regions through the end of the year.

About Kyocera’s Synthetic Opal
“Kyoto Opal” is the name given in Japan to the synthetic color opal material that was developed by Kyocera. Carefully cultivated with Kyocera’s gem synthesis technology over a long period, Kyoto Opal has a quartz-grain structure that is identical to naturally occurring opal. Due to special staining techniques, Kyocera has been able to realize a variety of rich and subtle hues and tints. Furthermore, by surmounting the inherently brittle characteristics of naturally
occurring opal, which tends to split and crack, it is possible to cut Kyoto Opal into diverse shapes. The result of the design and creation of the Kyoto Opal material is a unique aesthetic quality that cannot be duplicated with molded resin-based products.

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