Kyocera makes knives for master chefs

Dan Anderson uses Kyocera ceramic knives. The multi award-winning chef slices and dices with a cut of the finest blades at Anderson´s Bar and Grill in Birmingham

17 February 2016

Kyoto/Neuss − Experience, precision, creativity, quality and fast processing are key requirements in top restaurants such as Anderson´s Bar and Grill. As these characteristics perfectly match with the features of Kyocera ceramic knives and kitchen accessories, the Japanese company provides kitchen tools for the head chef of one of Britain’s premier steak houses. From filleting and slicing to carving – sharp blades and knives create the foundation for a great menu. These are exactly the special features Kyocera knives are known for: The extreme sharpness of the blades, cutting quality and easy cleaning turn cooking into a treat and make them ideal for carving boneless meat as well as cutting fruits and vegetables.

Perfect combination of performance, durability and comfort

The key to success of Kyocera’s ceramic knives are hand-ground blades of Zirconia ceramic, which are extremely hard and corrosion-free. The exceptionally sharp blades enable an ultra-precise and wafer-thin cut with extremely long-lasting cutting properties. In addition, the smell and taste of food is not altered, since no metallic ions can be transferred from the knife.

So it is no wonder that head chef Dan Anderson favors these high-quality ceramic knives. With vast knowledge in fine dining haute cuisine and a dedication to great steaks, he serves his guests two breeds of beef, Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn, which are both reared locally.
His insider’s tip for steak lovers: Slice the meat with a large knife, which is as sharp as possible, such as the Fuji Santoku Knife from Kyocera. In this manner, the fibers can be cut neatly and keep meat juices and aromas where they belong – in the steak. But not only meat, vegetables and fruits can also be cut fast and precisely with the ultra-sharp knives from Kyocera that fit comfortably in the hand thanks to their ergonomically designed handles.
“The techniques and equipment that we use at Anderson's are the most up to date and complex that you would find in any fine dining restaurant. Thus we love working with our Japanese ceramic knives from Kyocera, because their quality and reliability is simply extraordinary and enables us to prepare our precious ingredients gently but quickly.”

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