Robust kitchen aid: Kyocera’s universal mill lets you spice up your autumn

14 September 2010

Kyoto / Neuss, 14 September 2010 – Once the summer has passed, game starts to feature prominently on the menu. And the universal mill with ceramic grinding mechanism from Kyocera supplies the perfect taste. Spice aficionados can use it to grind their own individual mixtures. The grinds can be regulated: the advanced ceramic grinding mechanism produces results ranging from fine to coarse, with an adjusting nut allowing users to make their own settings.

Whether venison or wild boar, autumn is the season when game returns to the kitchen. Cooks looking to turn their dishes into a full flavour experience use an individual spice mixture to add that special touch to the meat. The CM-50 CF universal mill from Kyocera is just the right utensil for grinding the spices to match. Pepper, bay-leaf, cloves, juniper, coriander, mustard seed and allspice are pulverized in no time at all by the ceramic grinding mechanism. Users can decide for themselves how coarsely or finely the spices are ground by turning the adjusting nut. The ground ingredients are collected in an elegantly shaped glass container. It can be removed from the mill with ease and then sealed with the aroma-tight lid supplied.
How about a coffee after the main course? No trouble at all! The universal mill from Kyocera grinds coffee beans as well. After use, the grinding mechanism can be cleaned with a neutral detergent while the glass container is dishwasher-proof.
At the heart of the universal mill is the grinding mechanism made of fine ceramic. Thanks to its outstanding properties, this high-tech material even has applications in the field of space travel, and shares only very little in common with household ceramics or porcelain. The ceramic grinding mechanism is particularly hygienic: it does not alter the aroma of the ground spices nor does it rust. And the extreme hardness of the material guarantees a long service life.
The Kyocera CM-50 CF universal mill will shortly be available from specialist retailers at a recommended retail price of 68.00 euros.

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