Sharp presents to whet the appetite for cooking pleasure

For Christmas: Kyocera ceramic knife set in gift box

14 September 2010

Kyoto / Neuss, 14 August 2010 – Have you ever noticed how a man always needs the right tools before he will actually get on with the job? Armed with a new drill, he will set about renovating the house like a professional craftsman. Thanks to an exclusive fountain pen, he will start writing like a great poet. And with a sharp knife, he will suddenly conjure up dishes like a prize-winning chef. The Kyocera knife set in an attractive gift box, consisting of a cooking knife and a peeling knife made of ceramic material, will awaken hidden talent or rekindle the desire to cook.

With the right utensils, work is simply more fun, and men love high-tech materials. How practical then that these Kyocera knives are made of fine ceramic material. Because of its outstanding properties, this high-tech material even has applications in the field of space travel. As a result, thanks to the high-quality and elegant Kyocera ceramic knives, cooking becomes a man’s domain as well.
Even elaborate festive dishes are effortless to prepare with this set consisting of a cooking knife with 14-centimetre-long blade and a peeling knife with a blade of 7.5 centimetres in length. Available in white or black, the blades of the Kyocera FK series are extremely sharp and glide with ease through the ingredients for the festive meal. Even sensitive food such as fish, meat and tomatoes can be cut cleanly.
High-quality zirconia ceramic is the basis for the long-lasting extreme sharpness of the blades. They are easy to maintain, corrosion-free and do not take on the flavour or odour of the ingredients being cut. The combination of ergonomic handle with the astonishingly low weight of the ceramic blade reduces the effects of fatigue, even during lengthy periods of cutting.
The Japanese ceramic knives from Kyocera have featured on the market for sophisticated kitchen products since 1984 and are enjoying increasing popularity thanks to their special properties. Worldwide sales for Kyocera ceramic knives to date now exceed 6 million.
The knife set in an attractive gift box is now available from specialist retailers and costs €99.00 with white blades and €129.00 with black blades.

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