Kyocera complies with new “Blue Angel” guidelines

21 September 2007

The protection of the environment through the development of sustainable technologies and the use of resource-saving materials is a long-standing tradition at Kyocera. The fact that the laser printers FS-2000D, FS-3900D, FS-4000DN and FS-6950DN comply with all the new guidelines for the achievement of Germany’s “Blue Angel” eco label reconfirms this philosophy.

The objective of the “Blue Angel” eco label is to keep the impact of harmful substances, energy consumption and waste on the environment to a minimum. To ensure even greater protection of the environment, new criteria, on the basis of the provisions from RAL ZU-122, have been in place for the issue of the “Blue Angel” label since January 2007. The tightened requirements passed by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBS) in collaboration with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in particular concern new procedures for measuring chemical emissions, stricter regulations regarding energy consumption and the evaluation of noise emissions, also for colour printers.
The Kyocera laser printers FS-2000D, FS-3900D, FS-4000DN and FS-6950DN also comply with the new requirements and may continue to bear the “Blue Angel” mark. The basis for the high level environmental sustainability of Kyocera´s printer and copier systems is the Ecosys technology, due to which the sole consumable is the toner; waste is thereby reduced to a minimum. At the same time, this worldwide patented technology cuts operating costs. The award of the “Blue Angel” has a long-standing tradition at Kyocera. As early as 1997, the FS-1700 was the first printer in the world to be awarded the “Blue Angel” eco label. Since then, the UBA has regularly awarded the eco label to Kyocera´s further generations of printers.
The “Blue Angel” should serve as an aid for consumers to enable them to opt for particularly environmentally-friendly products. For ten years now, we have never failed to comply with these guidelines. Our customers can therefore be sure that Kyocera will offer them resource-saving solutions for ecological printers and copiers,” explains Detlef Herb, Environmental Officer at Kyocera Mita Deutschland.