Happy 15th Birthday to ECOSYS

14 September 2007

2007 sees Kyocera celebrating the 15th anniversary of the launch of its ECOSYS concept. With ECOSYS, Kyocera is the only manufacturer worldwide that produces laser printers that require no consumables other than toner and no frequent replacement of drum and developer. The long-life, reliable Kyocera drum ensures significantly reduced waste and cost-effective printing at the same time.

ECOSYS is an abbreviation of ECOnomy, ECOlogy and SYStem. The printing costs of ECOSYS devices are the lowest in their class. ECOSYS is an environmentally-friendly concept because the waste created by an ECOSYS device is minimal. This is due to the long-life drum and developer, which often last for the life time of the device. In addition, with ECOSYS, the drum and developer are separate from the toner so there is no need to replace everything just because the toner has run out as is necessary for conventional printers.

Kyocera printers benefit from the extensive knowledge of the company’s ceramics division. At the heart of the ECOSYS print technology is the tried-and-tested amorphous silicon (a-Si) photoconductor drum for mid-range and high-end systems, and the positive-charged single layer photoconductor drum for business entry laser printers and multifunctional products. Thanks to its ceramic properties, the photoconductor drum is very robust, reliable and lasting for up to 500,000 printed pages. On average, conventional drums of other manufacturers, which are encased in fast-wearing plastic, wear out after printing between 4,000 and 12,000 pages and need to be replaced up to 30 times over the lifetime of the device.

The current range of Kyocera ECOSYS devices includes reliable A4 and A3 colour printers (FS-C5015N, FS-C5025N, FS-C5030N, FS-C8100DN), which continue the success of the well-known monochrome ECOSYS printers. The quality is proven by the German PC publication “PC-Praxis” which ranked recently the FS-C5015N as “very good”.