Complete control: Kyocera Mita’s new security software for enterprises

01 April 2008

Kyocera Mita has launched KYOcontrol Enterprise, a customisable security application for national and international enterprises. The software offers secure printing by authentification of the user. Further benefits of the software are cost management and optimised process efficiency. KYOcontrol Enterprise is unlimited in the number of users and devices and also supports competitor devices, providing high flexibility. It is built on the basis of KYOcontrol Business Edition, an out-of-the-box solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

With KYOcontrol Enterprise, companies are able to increase drastically the security of documents within their offices. Users have to identify themselves at the device before they can print out their documents, via PIN, ID card, transponder or other authentication systems. This protects confidential documents from being picked up by an unauthorised user. The print data is also safe on its way from the user´s PC to the printer or MFP due to encryption and safe storage on the print server.

In addition to document security, KYOcontrol Enterprise helps to control the cost of document output. Accounting features enable corporations to track and record the output companywide and to break it down by department, project or individual. The software even allows cost savings through the device consolidation and the management of colour output volumes.

Users benefit greatly from features such as Print&Follow. If their first choice of output device is currently blocked by a large print job, they can choose another device. Hard copies are only produced when the users identify themselves at the device of their choice, minutes, hours or even days later. Print Roaming extends the convenience of Print&Follow to an international level. As an example, the user sends a document to the print server, he leaves his office to travel and after authorisation he can print out his document safely at any other location.