First Swan labelled printers in Finnish office document solutions market

14 February 2008

First time in the 18 year’s history of the Nordic Swan label printers have been awarded the eco label Swan in the Finnish market. These are Kyocera Mita’s ECOSYS printers renowned for their unique environmentally friendly technology.

The Swan label on the printer or MFP tells that the machine complies with strict criteria of energy consumption, material, emission of chemicals and pollutants, noise levels. Also recycling of discharged products, supply of spare parts and user manuals must comply with the Swan label requirements.

Kyocera has developed the environmentally friendly ECOSYS technology during 15 years. ECOSYS printers have long-life components, such as drum. The only consumable that has to be changed is the toner. In addition to printers, Kyocera Mita’s product range includes swan labelled MFPs.