KYOCERA Document Solutions celebrates 20 years of ECOSYS

03 May 2012

KYOCERA Document Solutions is celebrating the 20th anniversary of ECOSYS, the environmentally sustainable principles that govern the design and manufacture of its printer range.

First Ecosys printer FS-1500 in 1992
First Ecosys printer FS-1500 in 1992

When KYOCERA introduced the first ECOSYS printer FS-1500 in 1992 it proved its ability to lead by example. At that time, the world treated sustainability as a topic for discussion, not action. The Kyoto Protocol, for example, was 5 years away from being agreed and 13 years away from coming into force. Yet KYOCERA was already shipping sustainable printers.

Environmental sustainability has been one of the underlying principles of the KYOCERA Group’s corporate philosophy since its foundation in 1959. The development of sustainable printers satisfies the company’s goal to reduce humanity’s impact on the planet and sits alongside other environmental achievements such as the production of commercially viable photo-voltaic (PV) cells.

How ECOSYS works

ECOSYS printers are exceptional because when their toner runs out, all you replace is the toner box. When explained in such terms it seems utterly logical yet the fact remains that, to this day, most printers replace the key imaging components when the toner runs out. The toner cartridge that goes into non-KYOCERA printers often contains far more than toner; some can contain over 60 parts (see images: “conventional toner cartridge vs. KYOCERA toner box”). The low-waste design of ECOSYS printers results in up to 85% less waste being produced during the life of the printer.

Additionally its simpler, smaller and lighter toner boxes have a lower transport footprint than more complex alternatives.

ECOSYS, based on unique KYOCERA technology

KYOCERA’s expertise with ceramic technologies is fundamental to the low-waste design of ECOSYS printers. The long-life components used are many times more durable than traditional alternatives meaning that in most cases there is no replacement required during the lifetime of the printer.

ECOSYS helps economy, ecology and connectivity

The benefits of ECOSYS extend beyond sustainability. A KYOCERA toner box is simple and economical to produce so KYOCERA users have benefitted from 20 years of exceptionally low monochrome printing costs and, since the launch of the FS-C5016N in 2001, low colour costs too.

With such low running costs, KYOCERA has consistently emphasised the importance to customers of a printer’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With lifetime toner costs being many times a printer’s purchase price, customers reduce document costs by switching to ECOSYS printers.

System printing is ECOSYS’ third element. KYOCERA printers offer a wide range of enhancements designed to maximise document output productivity with flexible and powerful controller as well as additional functionalities and upgrades, optimising the long-term benefit of investment. KYOCERA’s integrated system software ensures long-term and advanced cross-network compatibility.

Print green

First European KYOCERA Document Solutions subsidiaries have adopted PRINT GREEN, a carbon offset initiative that compensates for the CO2 emissions generated during the manufacture, use and disposal of a printer. Offset costs are shared between the customer and KYOCERA Document Solutions.


  • 1992 Introduction of first ECOSYS printer: FS-1500
  • 1993 Complete ECOSYS A4 printer family
  • 1995 First ECOSYS A3 printer: FS-6500
  • 1997 World´s first printer awarded with the ‘Blue Angel’ Ecolabel: FS-1700
  • 2001 First ECOSYS A3 colour printer: FS-8000C
  • 2003 First ECOSYS A4 colour printer: FS-C5016N
  • 2004 First ECOSYS A4 MFP product: FS-1018MFP
  • 2010 First ECOSYS A4 colour MFP products: FS-C2026MFP, FS-C2126MFP
  • 2011 First ECOSYS A3 MFP products: FS-6025MFP, FS-6030MFP, FS-C8020MFP, FS-C8025MFP
  • 2012 20 years ECOSYS anniversary

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