KYOCERA Document Solutions releases innovative solution for secure, economical and sustainable printing with KYOCERA fleets

15 May 2012

KYOCERA Net Policy Manager is an economical and simple way for organisations to reduce document costs, introduce secure printing and adopt a sustainable printing strategy.

Kyocera Net Policy Manager gives staff the flexibility to send a document to print then collect it whenever they want from whichever printer or multifunctional they prefer. This helps them avoid busy devices, prevents documents being collected by the wrong person and, because staff identify themselves with swipe cards, adds the security that confidential information requires.

Following today’s cost-reduction imperative

Every organisation needs to reduce costs. Kyocera Net Policy Manager helps by automatically enforcing the economical print options users often forget. Policies can include options such as EcoPrint (toner-save), monochrome printing and double-sided output.

Kyocera Net Policy Manager’s flexibility allows different policies to be applied to different departments – or even users. Managers and the Finance Department could be allowed to print in colour, for example, whereas general administration staff could be limited to monochrome.

It can also apply policies by application so, for example, emails could automatically be printed in monochrome to a maximum length of two pages.

Simplifying print policies

Kyocera Net Policy Manager integrates fully with KYOCERA’s KX driver so options that are fixed by the policy cannot be changed by staff – if ‘Full Colour’ is not allowed for emails, staff will not be able to select it.

Satisfying the desire for sustainability and economy

Using print policies with Kyocera Net Policy Manager makes it sustainable as well as economical. By enabling confidential printing on more sustainable and economic shared devices, Kyocera Net Policy Manager reduces an organisation’s environmental impact and document costs.

This makes Kyocera Net Policy Manager a perfect product for KYOCERA which is celebrating 20 years of ECOSYS in 2012. ECOSYS describes the environmentally sustainable principles that have governed the design and manufacture of KYOCERA’s printer range since 1992.

Addressing security vulnerabilities

By only delivering documents to authenticated staff, Kyocera Net Policy Manager ensures that confidential information remains private. Using strong encryption on stored documents prevents confidential data escaping through theft or equipment disposal.

Simple authentication

Swipe cards make the process of authentication very simple. No skills or training is required. As soon as staff identify themselves their stored documents can be printed.

Authentication also enables ‘scan to me’ which automatically and effortlessly sends scanned documents to the logged-in user’s Inbox.

Kyocera Net Policy Manager’s position in KYOCERA’s solutions portfolio

Kyocera Net Policy Manager represents a very economical option for organisations that standardise on KYOCERA equipment. It offers seamless integration with Kyocera’s range of USB card readers, supporting a wide range of ID card technologies. As a KYOCERA-owned solution, its future development can be influenced by customer requirements.

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