KYOCERA Document Solutions turns complex print processes into one-click operations

01 September 2012

KYOCERA Document Solutions releases KYOeasyprint 3, a superbly simple output management solution that turns the printing and distribution of documents to multiple destinations into a one-click operation. This improves the reliability of document workflows, accelerates document processing and enhances staff productivity.

Sabine Nobel, Software Product Manager at KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V., says “KYOeasyprint is great value for any organisation trying to improve office efficiency and reduce costs. It is easy to manage and a great help to users. It does exactly what its name suggests.”

KYOeasyprint turns a simple print command into miniature workflow. A single button press could print an order confirmation, attach standard Terms & Conditions to it, fold it ready for mailing to the customer, send a watermarked copy to the warehouse for despatch and store a copy in an archive. KYOeasyprint does in a second what would have taken minutes of staff time. And it does it with 100% reliability.

KYOeasyprint workflows can include as many steps as a company wants. Documents can be produced on different printers from different manufacturers, using different paper types and forms, with different watermarks, stapling or folding. They can even be sent to digital archives, fax machines or email recipients. All in one button-press.

KYOeasyprint is designed to simplify the complexity of modern business administration by completing repetitive tasks rapidly and reliably. Office productivity rises and costs fall in consequence. The elimination of misprints reduces costs and inefficiency further.

With strict regulatory compliance a growing factor in 21st century business, KYOCERA Document Solutions sees KYOeasyprint’s dependability helping organisations ensure that necessary steps have been followed and documentation has been stored appropriately.

KYOeasyprint can be used by any organisation in any industry that follows repetitive document processes. It is, however, especially useful for SMEs in professions such as real estate, law, insurance and other financial services and process-dominated departments such as HR, accounting and logistics.

About KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V.

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