KYOCERA launches new USB card reader series and its Net2USB converter V2

31 January 2013

Kyocera Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, has just launched a new series of USB card readers and a converter that allow the seamless integration of Kyocera and non-Kyocera devices into existing security systems. The new products ease companies' efforts to improve the confidentiality, economy, policy compliance, and convenience of their shared printer environments.

Kyocera's new card readers are capable of transmitting and receiving signals on either 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz band, the radio frequency bands used most often for building access and time management systems. This enables them to integrate easily into existing ID authentication systems. Adding to their versatility is their ability to communicate via virtually any protocol. Missing protocols programme easily on the readers. An especially exciting feature is the readers' compatibility with NFC technology, which allows identification via mobile phones. Potential areas of application include libraries and universities to name just a few.

In addition, the new USB card readers come with extensive customisation and scripting options, and they support Kyocera's hardware and software products. They also feature a more powerful CPU for better and quicker decryption. "We really went all out to give this new line of readers the compatibility and versatility required to meet all the imaginable needs of our customers," explains Hans Gerd Schmidt, Software Product Manager at Kyocera Document Solutions Europe. "We're very pleased with the results."

Net2USB V2, Kyocera's new converter, connects to USB card readers allowing users to use all the devices in a shared network, even non-Kyocera printers and copiers. The Net2USB converter is easy to install and operate, in particular, because only a single IP address is required for both the converter and printer -- welcome news for IT departments.
As enterprises are increasingly driven by economic, environmental and security considerations to get a handle on the output of the shared multifunction devices in their networks, they are turning to identification systems to help them ensure document confidentiality, enforce printing policy compliance, and monitor the usage of devices and consumables. USB card readers have proven to be an effective and reliable means of achieving these objectives. "Kyocera's new USB card readers add significant improvements and make everything a whole lot easier for everyone -- the accounting, controlling, legal and IT departments, and last but not least, the users," says Schmidt.

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