Kyocera and Deutsche Umwelthilfe celebrate 25 years of partnership

18 April 2013

For over 25 years, the document management specialist Kyocera Document Solutions Germany has supported Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), an independent association that works with environmental organisations, politicians and industry decision-makers to improve environmental protection in Germany. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their cooperation, Kyocera and DUH are collaborating closely on several projects. In addition, Kyocera Germany has launched a campaign to involve its customers in DUH's environmental projects by contributing 5 euro to the projects from customers' purchases of specified Ecosys devices.

The 25-year partnership with Kyocera is our longest cooperation to date with an industrial organisation, and it means a great deal to us," says Prof. Harald Kächele, DUH Chairperson. "With Kyocera's assistance, we have been able to participate in and complete numerous key projects over the years. Conversely, we have helped Kyocera develop environment-friendly concepts that have set new exemplary standards in document management industry." Kyocera was the first manufacturer of printers to receive the Blue Angel eco label designation, which it obtained for a printer with its eco-friendly Ecosys technology back in 1997. Together, DUH and Kyocera award the 100,000-euro 'Kyocera Umweltpreis', a biennial prize given to companies who develop innovative concepts or technologies that reduce CO2 to protect our environment.

Active environmental protection vital to KYOCERA's corporate culture

"Sustainability and environmental protection are firmly embedded in our corporate philosophy. And our 25-year cooperation with DUH is a manifestation of this, showing we do more than just talk about these topics," explains Detlef Herb, Environmental and Product Safety Manager with Kyocera Document Solutions Germany. Herb was one of the original proponents of Kyoceras’ cooperation with the environmental protection organisation.

An extensive campaign to benefit the environment

Kyocera is celebrating the anniversary with several actions that target the company's business partners and consumers in Germany, including the 5-euro donation per purchased device to DUH. "One of the objectives of our efforts for the environment has always been to involve our business partners and customers, and this promotional campaign is no exception," says Herb.

United for conservation

The donations benefit 'Lebendige Flüsse', a community-driven project to conserve rivers and tributaries in Germany that DUH and Kyocera have energetically supported for years. According to Prof. Harald Kächele, the channelling, rerouting, containment and obstruction of rivers and tributaries has led to many native animal species becoming rare here. "This year we are concentrating our efforts on otter protection, DUH's 'Schulen für lebendige Flüsse', a programme to educate youth about the importance and function of watersheds, and, finally, the ecological restoration of the Urdenbacher Altrhein, a stream and ecosystem in southern Dusseldorf. Cooperating closely with the City of Düsseldorf and the Biologische Station Haus Bürgel, an environmental protection organisation, we are implementing measures to increase species diversity in the Urdenbacher Altrhein area.

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