01 December 2013

Kyocera Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, announces the launch of PinPoint Scan and Print & Follow™ SE. These two new business applications enhance scan and print personalisation from Kyocera HyPAS enabled multifunctional products over a network. Both applications allow easy, on-demand scanning and printing on shared devices without loss of privacy and security, especially for small and medium sized businesses.

PinPoint Scan

PinPoint Scan workflow
PinPoint Scan workflow

Scanning is a fundamental part of any organization’s document workflow and PinPoint Scan takes the hassle out of scanning from MFP to personal PC by creating a peer-to-peer scanning environment. The straightforward PC side of PinPoint Scan allows easy setup of a personal code (PIN) and scanning destinations, without the need for IT administrator intervention, meaning that when you scan from any MFP in your network you simply enter your PIN on the MFP control panel and scan directly to your chosen destination. Every user can define their personal scanning destinations, ending the need for costly desktop scanners; quick, easy and no searching your email for scanned documents.

Sabine Nobel, Product Manager at Kyocera Documents Solutions Europe comments, "PinPoint Scan gives small and medium sized businesses ease of use via its one-touch operation, and end users are in control of the exact destination of scanned documents to My Documents, desktop or email. A single licence supports several users, ensuring costs are kept down."

Print & Follow™ SE

Print & Follow™ serverless edition (SE) offers secure print release without the need for a print server. Documents are sent to a universal queue and users can retrieve their documents at their choice of MFP, where they stay secure until the user is authenticated. Productivity is key in any busy office and being able to select a MFP that is available guarantees no queuing for long print jobs to finish and thereby speeds up access to documents. A study by Loudhouse* showed that 5% of documents were never collected from the printer, creating waste and increasing costs. The pull-printing function of Print & Follow ensures only the prints that are needed are printed.

Most pull-printing applications focus on larger organisations which have an IT department that can manage set-up and maintenance of a print server. The Print & Follow™ SE does not require any additional hardware so even the smallest workgroup or business can manage their print capabilities while enjoying maximum productivity, affordability and security.

“This was a key request from our small business customers and we are pleased to be able to offer a solution that is easy to set up and manage. Providing a scalable way to manage printing and scanning, securely and cost effectively is a big win for small and medium sized business," adds Nobel.

Kyocera’s two new HyPAS apps bring multifaceted enhancements by improving the way in which every user in the company uses and shares their documents.

* Survey conducted by Loudhouse Consultancy, 2011

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