Kyocera stage the environment prize for the fourth time

16 August 2013

Kyocera Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, is proud to announce the fourth German 'Umweltpreis' for sustainable technology, with prizes awarded by a jury of experts, chaired by the former German Federal Minister Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer. The winner in each of four categories will receive a grant of 25,000€ awarded for sustainable technologies and concepts. Companies, authorities and organisations, who want to participate need to register by October 31, 2013 and winners will be nominated on January 30, 2014 during the Future Forum at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) in Stuttgart.

Prof. Dr Klaus Töpfer - chairman of the Kyocera "Umweltpreis" jury
Prof. Dr Klaus Töpfer - chairman of the Kyocera "Umweltpreis" jury

Kyocera has a long heritage of promoting sustainable concepts across the world and this award is specifically designed to promote green concepts, projects and ideas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. "The challenge of climate change requires the joint efforts of politics, society and, of course, economy," said the former federal environment minister and chairman of the jury Prof. Dr. Töpfer. The prize, which is awarded by Kyocera in cooperation with its partners, the German Environmental Aid, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), the Federation SME sector, the Economic Chamber Austria and the German Working Group for Environmental Management is one of the most highly regarded in this area.

Looking for green ideas

Applications can be made in the areas of developing a sustainable technology or implementing a resource-saving concept. The jury will select one winner for each category who will receive a grant of 25,000€. The categories are as follows:

"Work and Office World" - Kyocera is looking for sustainable ways of working in an organisation. This could be pioneering green IT projects or the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the company building.
"Climate and Energy" - projects relating to solar, wind and water power as well as energy storage or distribution may apply.
"Mobility and Transport" - deals with strategies and concepts from the fields of electric mobility and fleet management.
"Biodiversity, Water & Natural Protection" - focuses on pioneering recycling and waste management projects as well as nature conservation and species protection projects.

Klaus Töpfer continued, "When taking decisions, we always ask ourselves whether a concept or a technology can also be used by other companies. Feasibility is therefore an important criterion as well as the relevance of a CO2 solution. The jury also looks at the social components of the projects."

Environmental commitment

Reinhold Schlierkamp, CEO of Kyocera Document Solutions Germany GmbH says, "The Kyocera Umweltpreis is an integral part of our environmental commitment. Our Ecosys technology and our Print Green programme enable us to provide all original toners sold in Germany as climate neutral. Our name continues to stand for sustainable document management. With the Kyocera Umweltpreis, we go one step further and raise the issue of resource protection in accordance with our corporate philosophy of 'consciousness in the economy'. "

In addition to the four category prizes, Kyocera is also funding a 10,000€ special prize for the greenest retailer.

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