World’s biggest stadium with an integrated solar power plant

Kyocera high efficiency solar modules

11 April 2005

Kyocera high efficiency modules will exclusively form the new solar power plant on the roof of the newly created Swiss soccer stadium ’Stade de Suisse Wankdorf Bern’ when it opens in May.

Stade de Suisse Wankdorf Bern
Stade de Suisse Wankdorf Bern
Kyocera’s production know-how is based on long history and experience. The Japanese
technology company have celebrated their 30th anniversary in the field of utilization of solar energy and during this time have enjoyed an excellent reputation among industry experts. According to market observers, economy and ecology go
hand-in-hand. The realisation of this project can only be described in superlatives – it will be the World’s biggest stadium with an integrated solar power plant, it will be the
biggest Kyocera solar installation in Europe and the biggest single solar power plant in Switzerland.The first project development step will supply 850 kW of power which will result in an annual solar power generation of 700.000 kWh. This will be marketed to households, companies and authorities at breakeven. Due to favourable weather conditions and high work performance of all parties involved, the first solar roof with about 1.500 Kyocera modules were already completed
in August 2004. Towards the end of 2004 two more of these gigantic roofs were successfully completed. In total more than 5.122 solar panels from Kyocera are currently in use on the Swiss National Stadium, with a module size of about 6.541sqm. Another innovative factor is the rail car which has been installed to enable maintenance of the roof. In addition a futuristic information centre will be built by BKM FMB Energie AG on the Roof, enabling visitors to see the solar power plant, discuss energy technologies and enjoy the unique view over the Alps and the city of Bern.
Kyocera is not a newcomer in the world of soccer. Since January 2005 Kyocera have been the main sponsor of the German soccer club Borussia Mönchengladbach.