Kyocera showcases prototype of solar module using multicrystaline silion back contact cells

Kyocera at EU PVSEC in Milan

02 September 2007

Kyoto/Neuss-Kyocera will showcase a range of solar modules at 22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (PVSEC), the largest show and conference in Europe to be held in Milan/Italy, from September 3rd to 7th. For the first time, Kyocera will exhibit the prototype of solar module using multicrystaline silicon back contact cells, which achieved the world record cell efficiency.*

Back Contact Cell Module (Prototype)

Kyocera achieved new world record of 18.5% energy conversion efficiency* for a 15cm x 15cm multicrystaline silicon solar cell this year. The latest improvement is the result of increasing the amount of light intercepted by the cell by moving the front contacts to the back of the cell.

The company showcases the prototype of the module with 54 high efficiency cells. Conventional products utilize reflected light of white back sheet. Whereas, the prototype module applies black back sheet, in order to response to the increasing demand for enhanced aesthetics appearance. With this new technology of back contact, it realizes high energy conversion efficiency, as well as aesthetical appearance.

“We continue research to improve cell efficiency, and now we are targeting to put this technology into mass production. In addition, with applying black back sheet, it enables us to pursue design consciousness. By mixing aesthetical consciousness and environmental awareness, we hope that more people would start using the bounty of the sun light”, said Mitsuru Imanaka, European president of Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH.

Kyocera will also exhibit frameless module for European market, KD205GHT-2, module with new size cell of 156mm x 156mm, and stand-alone module KC50REB for non-electrified area mainly in Asia and Africa.

*measured by Kyocera