Kyocera sponsors solar carport in Freiburg

Innovative carport revealed

22 March 2007

Esslingen/Neuss – At its international headquarters in Freiburg, on 10th March 2007, the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) presented the latest highlight in a series of intelligent energy solutions for buildings: a solar carport equipped with a photovoltaic system capable of saving approx. 8.2 tonnes of CO2 per year.

For a short time now, 108 FL130T-1A solar modules from Kyocera with dual inclination (6° south-west and 10° south-east) and a total area of 113 m² have been directed towards the sun. The Japanese technology corporation has sponsored the solar modules and three accompanying inverters for implementation of the project. The high-tech modules are mounted directly onto the steel construction of the carport using a novel fastening system (SOLRIF) produced by the Swiss company Schweizer Metallbau. This simple but efficient structure makes a conventional roof superfluous. Installation of the steel construction and the PV modules was carried out by Tritec, a Kyocera service partner.

In order to achieve an output of 14kWp, despite the difficult site conditions, a sophisticated design was required for the carport. The project has been implemented with the experience of Germany’s best-known solar architect, Rolf Disch, and thus offers a model that vividly demonstrates the versatile opportunities for integrating photovoltaic technology.

"Since 1975, Kyocera has been pushing the forefront of environmental preservation and promoting sustainable growth by providing solar energy to the world. Our efforts have never stopped, thanks to the support given by so many people who have understood our mission and responsibility to the Earth and human society," explains Isao Yukawa, Senior Managing Executive Officer of Kyocera Corporation, Kyoto. Kyocera has been involved in research into solar energy and its exploitation in the form of electrical power for more than thirty years. During this time, the company has continuously been striving to produce even more powerful and high-grade modules and has become one of the leading actors in the field of photovoltaics.
ISES, founded as a non-profit organization in 1954, has directed its efforts wholeheartedly to the promotion of renewable energies – a basic stance that is reflected both in the appearance of its head office, Villa Tannheim in Freiburg, and its motto “think global – act local”. Supported by various manufacturers, ISES was able to complete construction of the solar carport after an intensive five-month planning phase.

Picture caption:
Intelligent energy solution in Freiburg: The carport with 108 of Kyocera’s FL130T-1A solar modules saves approx. 8.2 tonnes of CO2 per year.