Kyocera equips 30 MW photovoltaic power plant in Spain

03 September 2008

Kyoto, Neuss – The Japanese solar module manufacturer Kyocera is fitting out another major solar power plant with photovoltaic modules for the Spanish renewable energy company Avanzalia. When finished, the project will be one of the largest solar power generating facilities world-wide.

One of the leading companies in the photovoltaic sector, Kyocera, is again providing solar modules for a major project of the Spanish renewable energy company, Avanzalia. In August 2008, the plant in the Castile-La Mancha region of the Spanish province of Cuenca will be capable of generating 18 MW – enough electricity to supply 9,200 households. By this time, 89,320 Kyocera PV modules will have been installed. The modules used primarily were the KC200GHT-2 along with two types from the new KD-Series – the KD205GH-2P and KD210GH-2P. Some 3,300 tonnes of steel were used to build the supporting frame.
The total site will have a surface area of 80 hectares and cover a space larger than 100 football fields. When finished, the project will be one of the largest photovoltaic generating systems worldwide. As Kyocera-Europe's President Mitsuru Imanaka has also observed, it emphasises a growing trend:
"The number of large photovoltaic power plants has grown continually in recent years, particularly in Europe. The economic and geographic conditions here are outstanding. In addition to many countries' compensation programmes for energy fed into the grid, the location – particularly in the southern regions – offers advantageous sites and weather."
The province of Cuenca also has features optimal for solar energy and from which the new plant will profit. Located 800 metres above sea level, it is a place where temperatures remain moderate. In addition, sunlight in these regions is reflected by the typically light-coloured surface of the earth to yield up to 1,891 kWh/m2 of available solar radiation annually.
In September 2007, Kyocera and Avanzalia inaugurated their first co-operatively produced plant at Salamanca, Spain. That facility can generate a maximum of 13.8 MW of power.
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In October 2008, the solar power plant in Cuenca, Spain, will go on-line equipped with Kyocera PV modules.
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