KYOCERA Solar Modules Installed on European Court of Justice

High quality solar modules to generate 360.000 kWh per year

13 May 2009

KYOTO — Kyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba) today announced that the European Court of Justice, officially known as the Court of Justice of the European Communities, has installed Kyocera solar modules on its new building. As one of the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic systems for more than three decades, Kyocera produces its solar modules without procuring any semi-finished components in its fully integrated production process, thus ensuring quality at every stage of manufacturing.

Quality was the decisive factor in installing a photovoltaic system composed of Kyocera solar modules at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. The roof of the new building will be lined with 2,262 KC175GH-2P modules with a total capacity of 400 kWp, and the system is expected to generate an estimated 360.000 kWh annually. By using this environmentally-friendly energy source the court facilities will be contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The installation of the system was completed in December 2008.

“We are proud that the roof-mounted system at the European Court of Justice will be equipped with Kyocera modules,” stated the President of Kyocera operations in Europe, Mitsuru Imanaka. “The confidence shown in our products adds further impetus in our continual pursuit for superior quality. While aiming to achieve this, we are driven by our resolve to develop environmentally-friendly products and technologies that provide both environmental and economic advantages.”

Kyocera is a pioneering company in the solar energy industry which first began developing solar cells in 1975. Over 30 years of experience have allowed the company to master all stages of production at the highest level – from processing raw materials, making wafers and solar cells to module installation. The result of Kyocera’s years of experience and fully integrated production process is superior quality and long product life. Kyocera has also started construction of a new production facility for solar cells in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, which will contribute to achieving plans to increase the cell production output from the current 300 Megawatts per year to 650 Megawatts per year by 2012.

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Technical Overview

Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic System on the European Court of Justice

Module type

Kyocera KC175GH-2P




400 kWp

Energy output

360.000 kWh/year

Alternating current converter

4 x SMA SC100


December 2008