Sunny perspectives for your own solar roof

German KFW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) supports the installation and enlargement of PV-equipment

15 March 2003

Power generated by sunlight is proving to be a real alternative for those who want to produce environmentally friendly energy and do not want to utilize fossile ressources. The govenment lead initiatives and subsidies (grants) are now becoming available and thus providing the opportunity for domestic users to consider photovoltaic equipment. A good example is the 100.000 solar-roofs programme the German government presently subsidises up to Euro 6.230 per kW for equipments with an installed efficiency of up to 5 kW peak. The German KFW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) supports the installation and enlargement of PV-equipment. A simple calculation shows what the finance of a solar equipment could look like.

Solar Roof
Finanzierungsmodell Photovoltaikanlage
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About 3.600 kWh electrical power is needed by a 4-persons household a year.1 kWp module efficiency can generate about 900 kWh of electrical power per year depending upon location. To completely cover the electrical power by photovoltaics, one would need a 4 kWp module efficiency. Taking into account costs of about 6.500 Euro per installed 1 kWp module efficiency, the total investment would be about 26.000 Euro. A loan granted by the KfW within the 100.000 roofs-programme covers 24.920 Euro (4 x 6.230 Euro per kWp). The reminder of 1.080 Euro needs to be financed by private capital. Moreover the renewable-energy regulation which became effective in April 2000 guarantees a feeback of 48,11 Cent per kWh when fed back to the grid.
( see grafik: Finanzierungsmodell Photovoltaikanlage).

Solar Roof
Those who will decide for a photovoltaic equipment because of the favourable conditions, should set their focus on high quality products. Polycristalline solar modules are the latest generation made by KYOCERA, one of the world’s leading solar module manufacturers.

This is achieved by a high quality standard and remarkably high efficiency rates thus giving a high annual energy generation. Besides modules, KYOCERA also offers easy to install solar-complete-systems and KYOCERA modules also offer a 25-year guarantee.