Automotive Applications

 For more than 30 years Kyocera Display has produced displays for automotive applications. The increasing content of information required in cluster instruments, board monitors and today also in head-up displays has to be supported by a good readability under all conditions and the latest display technologies. By using a slim line design and the availability of sizes from 1.8” to 12.4”, customer specific requirements, ergonomically designed and optically enhanced products can be realized.

New products such as on-cell touch monitors and haptic feedback form part of our state of the art HMI strategy to further support our product capability.

Cluster Instrument Displays

►Various sizes (3,5" to 12")
►Vivid colours
►Customer specific design

Board Monitors

►High resolution (WXGA)
►Wide viewing angle (180/180)
►Fast response time (<25ms)

Free Programmable Cluster

►Super high brightness (1500 cd/m²)
►Anti reflective surface
►Wide temperature range (-30° to 85° C)


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