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KYOCERA at AMB 2018: a world premiere and a number of new products

The AMB innovations from KYOCERA: the world premiere of a new milling cutter for aluminium machining, a new series of tool holders with a coolant supply, new chip breakers for the manufacture of small processed parts, plus new polygonal tool holders and new tools for steel machining

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Kyoto/London – The Japanese ceramics specialist Kyocera will be presenting a number of new products at this year’s AMB trade fair in Stuttgart in what will be a world premiere. This will include above all the new MEAS series for high-speed and high-performance aluminium machining, and the new JCT series (Jet Coolant Through Series) of tool holders with a high pressure coolant supply. Other new additions include specially polished chip breakers which are primarily suited for the manufacture of small components, the tool holders in the KPC series with polygonal taper interfaces in accordance with ISO 26623-1, and an expansion of the range of CVD-coated carbide tools for steel machining.

New aluminium milling cutter series MEAS

AMB – the international exhibition for metal working – has become the industry’s leading trade fair and is one of the five most significant trade fairs in the world with this specialisation. The fair is taking place from the 18th - 22nd September 2018 at the exhibition centre in Stuttgart. Kyocera is exhibiting on stand A55 in hall 1.

World premiere of the new aluminium milling cutter series MEAS

The milling cutters in the new Kyocera series MEAS are designed for high-speed and high-performance aluminium machining. They impress thanks to their long service lives and low cutting forces. The stable clamping system ensures the form-locking fit of the cutting plate in the plate seat. What’s more, a very stable tool holder design guarantees the high durability and reliability of the new milling cutter.

Jet Coolant Through Series (JCT) – Tool holder series with coolant supply

Another new feature in the Kyocera range is the JCT series (Jet Coolant Through Series) of tool holders which are optimised for a high pressure coolant supply. The manufacturer will showcase a large selection of available tools with this new, integrated internal coolant supply technology. For turning, there is the double clamp JCT variant which allows a coolant supply from three directions. For cut-off and external grooving, Kyocera have designed the KGD-JCT variation, which directs the coolant onto the rake surface and the frank surface of the indexable insert. The KTN-JCT variation was developed for threading. In this variation, two cooling holes reduce the tendency for plate breakages and therefore facilitate an extension of the service life.

Moreover, the JCT series also includes smaller tools with internal coolant supplies which can operate at a pressure of up to 200 bar. And once more there are also variations for turning, with screw clamping - these variations have two cooling holes which provide the coolant supply to the cutting edge surfaces of the indexable insert. For external grooving, there is the KGBF-JCT design which directs the coolant towards the cutting edge of the indexable insert. And for cut-off, there is the KTKF-JCT variation which directs the coolant towards the cutting surface from three directions.

New chip breakers P and PF for small component manufacture

One of the AMB innovations from Kyocera is the expansion of the chip breakers in the P and PF series for boring process. The P chip breakers direct the chips away to the outside of the workpiece. The specially polished chip breakers control the direction of the chip evacuation, which enables stable workmanship. The combination with the “Dynamic Bar” boring bar system from Kyocera offers optimal solutions for internal turning.

The PF chip breakers guarantee excellent chip control and in a variety of cutting conditions. The minimum machining diameter is 5 millimetres, which is why these chip breakers are particularly suited to the manufacture of small components. Due to the very low cutting forces, which are facilitated by the geometry, it is possible to obtain surfaces with a high-gloss mirror finish.

Polygonal tool holders in the KPC series

In the KPC series, Kyocera offers tool holders with a polygonal interface and flange contact surface in accordance with ISO 26623-1. Two contact surfaces – the polygonal taper surface and the flange surface – ensure a high rigidity. These tool holders also impress due to their high precision: the repeat accuracy has a tolerance of just ± 2 μm, and the equal distribution of the clamping force results in an excellent centering accuracy. The available polygonal tool holders can be used for turning, grooving and external grooving, and other designs are to follow shortly.

Expansion of the CA025P series: CVD-coated tools for steel machining

In addition, Kyocera is expanding its CA025P series of CVD-coated carbide tools for steel machining (CVD = Chemical Vapour Deposition). In the process the product range is gaining a number of additional geometries, radii and chip breakers. Like the existing range, the new tools impress thanks to their excellent bonding strength and high resistance to chip impact. The expansion of the series provides customers with a larger range when selecting the correct tool.

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