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KYOCERA Group to Exhibit Innovative Technologies and Products at CEATEC 2019 Tradeshow Oct. 15-18

Based on the concept of “Building a Future Beyond Our Imagination with IoT”, a wide range of the latest Kyocera technologies will be on display

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Kyoto/London - Kyocera Group will exhibit at “CEATEC 2019”, one of the Asia's largest tradeshows for cutting-edge IT and electronics, from October 15-18 at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex (Chiba Prefecture, Japan).

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Based on the booth concept of “Building a Future Beyond Our Imagination with IoT,” the Kyocera Group’s latest technologies and products for creating a safe, secure, and comfortable society through IoT will be displayed in 5 zones – Mobility, Open Innovation, Networks, Energy, and Human Well-Being, – with entertaining interactive demonstrations for select technologies.

On the main Kyocera booth stage, the company will also give short presentations on its efforts toward open innovation, as well as examples of its advanced technologies and applications that are essential for the expansion of an IoT society.

Outline & highlights of Kyocera booth

Dates October 15 (Tue) - 18 (Fri) (10:00-17:00)
*Plan to participate in media briefing on October 14 (Mon) (14:00-17:00)
Location Makuhari Messe (Chiba Pref., Japan), Hall 7, Booth #H020


In this section, Kyocera will introduce its advanced technology and products aimed at supporting the development of autonomous driving systems and the realization of a safe and comfortable mobility society. Visitors can try out interactive demonstrations for a camera-LIDAR fused sensor capable of detecting the distance to an object with high accuracy, and an AI object recognition camera which can identify pedestrians and vehicles with high accuracy. In addition, a 3D-AR head-up display which supports driver safety and comfort with a realistic 3D display, a smart RSU (V2I roadside unit) which collects information from surrounding areas to help facilitate safe traffic flow, and a far infrared radiation (FIR) sensing camera which enables obstacle detection even in difficult visual conditions, such as glare or darkness, will also be on display. Furthermore, a 1.8 inch micro LED display with superior visual performance to LCD and OLED will be made public for the first time.

Open Innovation

In addition to its wide range of global manufacturing and solutions businesses, from advanced materials and components to modules, devices, equipment, and systems, Kyocera is strengthening open innovation by combining internal technologies and resources with those from external partners. In the open innovation section, visitors can see the musical toothbrush “Possi”, jointly created with Lion Corporation and Sony Corporation, which aims at helping parents with their children’s tooth brushing, and a communication and vital sensing wearable device that is being tested at construction sites of Shimizu Corporation. This innovative device facilitates seamless wireless communication even in noisy environments and vital sensing monitoring for the prevention of industrial accidents and health management. Furthermore, a smoothie truck “Harvest-to-Go” developed using Kyocera’s environment energy products and IoT technology in collaboration with the vegetable farm “Planet” and the popular smoothie shop “Why Juice?” will also be on display.


This section will feature Kyocera’s IoT network technology supporting a convenient and prosperous society. An IoT solution framework which allows users to easily obtain necessary information without additional programming will be unveiled for the first time. Also, a GPS multiunit compatible with LPWA which is expected to be used in a wide range of fields such as logistics monitoring, theft detection, and air conditioning management, and a NB-IoT core device smaller than the size of an AAA battery that can be incorporated into various devices and personal items, will also be on display. Furthermore, this section includes applications for Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd’s “Sigfox” IoT network solution featuring a low cost, low power consumption network and long distance transmission capabilities. For 5G, Kyocera will showcase sample applications of its 5G connection device.


Realizing a low carbon society for the future is a critical issue on a global scale. In addition to Kyocera’s solar cells, storage batteries, fuel cells, and energy management solutions, the booth will also present Kyocera’s solutions for the future energy optimization through local power exchange.

Human Well-Being

Advanced technologies play an important role in realizing a comfortable world for everyone. This section includes healthcare sensing devices that support preventive medicine for an aging society and devices that are useful for analysis at medical and manufacturing sites. A carbohydrate monitoring system using a sensor to measure pulse wave will be unveiled for the first time. In addition, a portable type phase contrast digital microscope that can observe hair (surface and internal structure) and a fluid flow rate measuring module will also be displayed.

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