KYOCERA presents ceramic multilayer substrates for plasma reactors

International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering in Germany

22 August 2012

Kyoto / Esslingen - The Japanese technology company KYOCERA — one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of ceramic packages for the microelectronics industry — will present its ceramic multilayer substrates for plasma reactors at the PSE exhibition in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany at the company’s booth (#34) on 11th and 12th September.

Kyocera’s ceramic multilayer substrates are now being introduced in dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma applications operating at atmospheric pressure. The markets for these products range from industrial surface treatment processes (cleaning, etching, modification of surface properties) of different materials (metals, plastics, textiles, etc.) in various industries (automotive, packaging), to chemical reforming of water or gaseous substances (odour or dust removal), as well as for biological applications like sterilization of medical devices and food packages.

The substrates are based on Kyocera’s core competence in laminating and co-firing multiple layers of ceramic sheets and internal (buried) metal electrodes, which have already been widely applied in a variety of other applications including semiconductor and electronic device packaging, IT infrastructure, automotive and energy related applications.

Currently three geometric options are available: comb type, honeycomb type and parallel flat substrate type. All of these offer high design flexibility in terms of geometry and arrangement of the electrode structure to provide for customized designs. The hermetically sealed electrodes also enable the substrate to be used in water or corrosive environments. Furthermore, Kyocera offers additional features like embedded heaters (for pre-heating) or electro-static electrodes (for dust collection). By applying Kyocera’s ceramic-to-metal brazing technology, pins, leads, balls or pipes can be attached to the substrate to enable easy connection to the power supply.

The ceramic itself is one of Kyocera’s proprietary Aluminum-Oxides, and due to its advantageous characteristics such as good thermal properties (high temperature durability and heat dissipation), good chemical resistance as well as its superior electrical and mechanical properties (even at high temperatures) this material qualifies for applications requiring high reliability including aerospace — where it has already been employed for a long time.

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