KYOCERA introduces customized LED module with a colour spectrum close to sunlight for diverse applications

Achieves excellent rendering of the daylight spectrum and enables a wide variety of applications

22 August 2016

Kyoto / Neuss - Kyocera Corporation introduced new LED modules with a colour spectrum very close to natural sunlight as a special lighting solution. The new type of light-emitting diode (LED) is ideal for colour-inspection such as in paint manufacturing, commercial printing, and automotive colour inspection.

Furthermore, the new LED modules are ideal for surgical lighting in hospital operating rooms and for fine art museum lighting, which require accurate colour identification.

The new LED modules are customized to each specific application and requirement, offering a variety of different light spectrums and colour renderings due to Kyocera’s proprietary optical and thermal simulation technologies. In addition, Kyocera applies unique packaging and phosphor mixing technologies and uses highly reflective ceramic materials, enabling the company to design a light spectrum according to each user’s needs and to offer longer product life.

The benefits of Kyocera´s LED modules include full customization, which is required for maximum accuracy in colour reproduction.

Kyocera is going to introduce the new LED modules at the LED professional symposium in Bregenz in September and at the LED Forum in Lyon in December.

Example of light spectrum

This spectrum shown is not a guaranteed value but measurement data by Kyocera for reference
Kyocera provides different lighting options: with H/S, lens, diffuser (product images are not shown to scale)

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