Kyocera Announces Innovative Epoxy Molding Compound, High-Thermal-Conductive Silver Sintering Paste and Revolutionary TOROKERU Sheet

The new Kyocera innovations were presented at the PCIM exhibition in Nuremberg from 16 – 18 May in hall 6, stand 301

23 May 2017

Kyoto/London - Kyocera Corporation has recently developed a high-thermal-conductivity epoxy molding compound with a thermal conductivity of 6W/mK. This marks a significant increase in the conventional thermal conductivity of 0.9-3W/mK and thus enhances the protection of semiconductor components from light, temperature, humidity, dust and physical shock.

The new product has achieved an extremely high thermal conductivity through higher alumina filler loading while still maintaining excellent flow ability. Transfer moldings as well as compression moldings are available. By using this high-thermal-conductivity molding compound, the thermal dispersion of packages becomes higher; thus it is possible to eliminate the heatsink and also becomes easier to design the package structure.

In addition, the company will launch an innovative environmental friendly silver sintering paste in Europe — a proprietary formulation specifically developed to deliver a wider range of benefits and performance characteristics compared to high-lead solders. Kyocera’s lead-free pressureless silver sintering paste exhibits excellent thermal and electrical performance as well as an extremely strong adhesion to bare copper.

These characteristics make this new paste ideal for high-reliability applications in which heat dissipation is crucial, such as in power semiconductors, automotive modules and high-brightness LEDs. Based on the Nano-Silver technology, Kyocera’s silver sintering paste demonstrates a thermal conductivity of more than 200W/mK and an excellent die-shear adhesion to bare copper, silver- and gold-plated surfaces. Compared to standard solders and electrically conductive die-attach pastes, Kyocera’s silver sintering paste offers more than three times higher thermal conductivity. Moreover, through the utilization of a novel resin-dispersion system, the paste shows excellent interface reliability in the most demanding applications.



Another ground-breaking innovation of the Japanese technology company is its new TOROKERU Sheet. With curing temperatures of 100 - 120 degrees Celsius and a curing time of 30 - 120 minutes the innovative sheets will reinforce and protect mounted parts from environmental stress in power semiconductor packages, passive components and general parts. The size of the applied product forms can vary from small specific customized shapes to 450mm2. During the sealing process, no dam or pressure is needed and the original shape of the product form can be maintained (non-shrink). The TOROKERU Sheet is an ideal alternative to liquids or solids and guarantees a perfect encapsulation.
Kyocera is actively engaged in the development of environmentally friendly products and strives to reduce the use of environmentally harmful materials and processes as much as possible in the industries it supports.
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