KYOCERA develops far infrared camera module for automotive applications and security

24 October 2016

Kyoto / Neuss – The new camera technology can be customized to the specific client’s needs for vision enhancement in adverse lighting conditions and will be available next year.

Kyocera, the Japanese technology corporation and leading manufacturer in the field of electronics and electronic devices, brings a far infrared (FIR) camera to the market, which is particularly designed to address the requirements of the automotive and security markets. The FIR camera module from Kyocera is able to detect an object’s temperature in lightless environment and thus enables filming even in difficult daylight or bad weather conditions as well as in dark nights. Due to the proprietary image signal processing, back light doesn’t affect the camera module and it is equally suitable for human and animal detection.

The Kyocera FIR camera distinguishes itself with integrated algorithms  for safe detection even under high ambient temperature conditions, a continuous shooting mode without shutter and an especially compact design of 36x36x52mm (QVGA) or 36x36x73mm (VGA). In comparison to conventional CMOS sensor cameras, the new product continuously shows clear pictures, even in shooting situations or recording locations, which typically lead to a low visibility or a dazzling effect. For example, these circumstances are tunnel entrances or exits, backlight at night, fog or also city areas full of shadows.

“The new FIR camera module will become a strategically important product with high business potential for the growing automotive and security sectors, “ says Shigeru Koyama, European President Kyocera Fineceramics.

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